4D Cavitation Lipo for Inch Loss

Popular amongst slimmers, gym goers and anybody looking to lose that stubborn bit of fat that seems to be invincible.

The treatment involves the use of ultra sound waves to penetrate the subcutaneous fat layers and cause the following effects in two stages;

  • The forming of low-pressure bubbles within the fat cells (adipocytes). These bubbles vibrate between the cells and weaken their cohesion so that the cells rupture.
  • The contents of the fat cells (Fatty Acids, Triglycerides and water) spill out from the broken cell membranes and are released into the interstitial space. This can often be confused for the “liquefaction of fat”, however, it is actually the instant emptying out of the cells rather than the destruction of them and this is referred to as lipolysis.
  • The second stage of lipolysis causes a positive pressure wave through the interstitial space, promoting accelerated lymphatic drainage, effectively driving the cell contents from the body via it’s natural body processes.

Undertaking some form of exercise within 24 hours of your treatment (preferably Cardio) will boost and retain the results achieved during the treatment.

Within 48 hours after treatment, undertaking some form of (preferably cardio vascular) exercise to raise your heart rate, therefore increase your metabolic rate, will ensure you retain the results delivered during the treatment.

Further exercise between treatments will continue to aid fat and inch loss as once the remaining cell contents have been used and disposed from the body, your Liver will begin to target the remaining fat deposits (starting with those most easily broken down – the treated areas) for further energy.

For these reasons, 4D Cavitation and exercise are the perfect partners in your fight to get rid of those stubborn fatty tissues and is a fantastic way of retraining your body to use energy from those long dormant fat deposits that no amount of exercise seems to be able to target.


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